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Halloween Storytime Sounds App - Review


If there are two things that Ethan loves, they are stories and playing with my iPhone!  So we were excited when we were approached by Mumsnet to try out the Storytime Sounds app from Not on the High Street.  

It has 6 different story themes to choose from, including pirates, fairy tales, lost world, space, monsters and their newest one, Halloween!  The basic idea is to sit together and tell a lovely story, using the app to make sounds to go along with it.  It's great for developing imagination and learning about the elements of a story.  They've even got a suggested story to start you off, called The Little Witch Who Couldn't Be Scary.

The first thing that we did is to just play with the app.  I handed Ethan my phone and let him go though all of the different themes, experimenting with the sounds that he could make.  Then I read the Little Witch story to him (you might want to print it out or open it up on a different device so that you don't have to close the app) and pointed to the symbols for the different sounds for him to press.  He loved being able to add his sounds to the story, and even added a few extras for effect!  Next came the fun part, coming up with our own story!  We had a haunted house with all sorts of different spooky characters that we encountered.  It was a fun challenge to use as many of the sounds that we could in our story (and of course Ethan loved pressing the sounds over and over again!)

* This is a review post, we downloaded the app for free (it is free to everyone) and have entered this post into a competition to win a voucher from Not on the High Street, but the opinions in this post are our own *

Something a little different for Our Sunday Storybook this week, what have you been reading?

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