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Packing for a UK Holiday


We love to travel as a family!  There are so many fantastic places to go and things to see, and we just want to share all of that with our children.  Ethan has been on quite a few trips, but I'll be honest with you, Ivy hasn't really yet.  I think that once you have two children it all becomes a bit more overwhelming, there is just so much to bring!  Thinking about trying to get all of the necessities into the luggage that you're allowed to bring with you on a flight can be very worrying.  So with Ivy we've been on a few trips within the UK, and we have another one coming up in a few weeks.  So when holidaycottages.co.uk asked us about travelling in the UK and the advantages of being able to pack up the car with everything we want, it was easy to think of what we can not bare to leave behind. 

The simple answer is, toys!  On a plane trip we're so limited and have to choose just a few toys for the kids to play with on the plane, then we're not left with enough space to bring other toys to play with in the hotel.  When we got on a trip in the UK and drive to our holiday destination, we can fill up loads of bags and every nook and cranny of the car with toys.  I don't have to worry about taking away electronic toys while taking off or landing, Ethan can play with whatever he wants for the whole journey.  I don't have to worry about not being able to take one of their current favourite toys on our next trip because it's too big, we just get to bring as much as we can fit in the car!

This is my entry post into the holidaycottages.co.uk UK holiday must haves competition.

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