3 years old

Halloween Salt Dough Decorations


We are still decorating the house for Halloween, and so we've made some salt dough decorations to add to our spooky look.  We started by making the salt dough, we follow a very simple recipe:

Salt Dough

2 parts flour
2 parts salt
1 part water

After making the salt dough, we played with it for a little while, squishing it between our fingers and rolling it into a ball.  Then we rolled it out flat with a rolling pin and used some Halloween cookie cutters to make shapes in the dough.  We made 2 pumpkins, a cat, a haunted house and a ghost.  I also put a hole in the top of each one with a pencil, so that we would be able to hang them when they're finished.

After baking the shapes and letting them cool, it was time to paint them!  We painted the pumpkins orange, the cat and the haunted house black and the ghost white.  Ethan really impressed me with how careful he was painting the shapes, he really wanted to make sure that he covered the whole thing with colour, his focus was amazing.

Once the paint was dry I put some Halloween ribbon through the hole at the top of each decoration, and they were ready to hang up and display for everyone to see.  Ethan is so proud of his creations, he loves to tell people about the different Halloween shapes that he made!

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