17 months old

Spring Daffodil Pinwheel


Today we made Spring Daffodil Pinwheels, I found the idea on Nurturestore, a fantastic website full of great ideas for crafts to make with kids.  I chose this because it seemed like the perfect way to celebrate Spring, it didn't seem too difficult to make and I thought that Ethan would enjoy playing with the windmill when it was finished.  

It was a lot more difficult to make than expected, as I didn't have a stapler and especially as my helper wasn't that helpful and kept ripping it!  I had him colour the paper as his contribution to making it and then put it together myself, but it didn't spin!  So my advice is to save this one until they're a bit older and maybe do a trial run while they're napping!  We're off to go buy a pre made pinwheel this afternoon ;)

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