17 months old

Giraffes Can't Dance - But We Can!


We went to the bookshop yesterday and bought one of the World Book Day books for a pound.  We got the Giraffes Can't Dance colouring and puzzle fun book (which of course inspired me to order Giraffes Can't Dance and a few other books by Giles Andreae; Commotion in the Ocean and Rumble in the Jungle, all fantastic books that I loved to read to kids at school and forgot all about).

The activity book has an excerpt from the story, so we read that through and then put on the music and started to dance!  We listened to Even More Beautiful Creatures, a gift that we got in South Africa.  Ethan loves this CD and it's about African animals, so it was the perfect choice.  We had so much fun dancing to the music, pretending to be giraffes, a great Friday afternoon energising activity and fantastic for Ethan's Creative Development.

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