17 months old

Easter Cards and Presents


Today we made Easter cards and presents for Ethan's friends.  On Pinterest I found loads of great ideas to use a piping bag filled with orange jelly beans or chocolate eggs to look like a carrot.  Great ideas, but I made an adjustment to make it more suitable and healthy for the toddlers.  

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What you'll need:

We got the piping bags and filled them with Organix Carrot Stix snacks (organic with no sugar or salt, and the kiddies love them!) and tied the tops with some green cord to look like carrot leaves.  Then we made bunny cards to tie to them.  I printed out a bunny picture onto card, Ethan coloured it in and then we stuck on a cotton ball for the tail.

Ethan was very interested in pouring the carrot stix into the bags (and may have had to try one to make sure they were good :)  He loved sitting in my lap at the computer to choose a bunny picture to print out, and watching it come out of the printer.  He still needs a bit of convincing to do colouring in for more than 5 seconds, but he loved putting on the glue and sticking on the cotton ball.  It was a fun activity for Ethan's Creative Development and made some lovely little gifts for his friends.

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