17 months old

Easter Stamp Painting


Today we did some Easter painting with stampers!  I bought these Easter stampers at a small local shop, but you could make your own potato stampers like we did for Valentine's Day if you can't find any to buy.  

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What you'll need:
Ethan was really interested in using the stampers, I put paint on the first one and then held his hand and stamped together.  Of course he then wanted to put his finger in the paint and smear it around, we're not creating masterpieces so I let him explore.  He then wanted another stamp and more paint and became more confident in stamping on his own.  He did create a masterpiece in the end and I am one proud Mommy after watching him learn how to use the stamps so quickly.  A fun activity for Ethan's Creative Development that he really enjoyed and spent some time doing.

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