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We have been having fun at home together playing some family games that we have been sent to review from Spinmaster.  We were very kindly sent Grouch Couch, Beat the Parents and Hedbanz.  These are three lovely family games that are perfect for rainy days that we have been spending indoors.

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Grouch Couch is the "Furniture with Attitude" game and it is just hilarious to play!  It comes with the Grouch Couch piece as well as 15 lost goodies tokens, 16 treats, 1 die and instructions. You will need 3 AAA batteries to put inside to make the couch work.

You start by loading up the couch with the lost goodies, then the first player rolls the die and places the corresponding number of treats on the couch.  They then press the remote control button on the side of the couch and wait to see what he will do!

The Grouch Couch will open up his mouth and eat some of all of the treats, then if he liked them he might make some burping noises and spit out some of your lost goodies (or he might not!) 

The players take turns this way and when the game is over the winner is the one with the most lost goodies tokens.  You could also lose some if another player rolls a vacuum cleaner and gets to then take some goodies from the other players.

The children loved playing Grouch Couch and wanted to play it again and again!

The next game that we played was Beat the Parents.  It's a game made specifically for kids to play against their parents!

It comes with a board, question cards, challenge cards and 2 game pieces.  The concept is very easy and everyone caught onto the game quickly.  The question cards each have 3 questions for kids and 3 for parents.  The idea is that the parents are asked the sort of things that the children would know and the kids are asked the sort of things that their parents would know.

The parents read out a question to the kids first, if they get it correct they move ahead one space.  They continue until the get a question incorrect or if they have answered all three questions.

If a team lands on a challenge space they have to stop there and read out a challenge card.  These are head to head challenges between the two teams to be the first or the best at something.  The kids found it hilarious to compete against us!

It was a lot of fun to play Beat the Parents together as a family and there are so many question cards which makes it great to play again and again.

Finally we were sent Hedbanz, (as this is a game that we already have we're going to pass it on to a toy charity for Christmas).  So we took out our slightly older version to show you how we play it.

It's so simple to just put the headband on and attach a card to each person to try to guess who you have got on your head.  The game comes with headbands for each player to wear and an assortment of cards to stick on them.

Hedbanz is a classic game that you have got to have.  It's so easy to pick up and play for just a few minutes while you're waiting for dinner to be ready, or to play all afternoon!  You can keep score and set rules, or you can just having fun going round and round asking questions (this is our preferred way to play!)

This is definitely a winter for staying home and playing games together as a family and that is just what we will be doing.  So if you're looking for some new games to add to your collection, we highly recommend Grouch Couch, Beat the Parents and Hedbanz!

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