Ethan's (small, at home, socially distanced) Pokemon themed 9th Birthday Party


Back in October we celebrated Ethan's 9th birthday, at the time the virus numbers were a bit lower and so here in the UK we were allowed to have up to 6 people gather indoors (the 'rule of six').  So that worked out fine for Ethan to have three friends over for a bit of a party at home.  

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All of the guests were in Ethan's class at school, so they were already in a bubble together, but I still prepared and disinfected the house as best as I could to ensure everyone's safety.  And also made an effort to keep food and things separated as much as possible.


The decorations were quite simple (and such a luxury for me to be able to just spend time decorating the house as we always have parties at outside venues and then I'm in such a rush!)

We had:


The main focus for food was to separate everything and avoid anyone touching someone else's food.  I ordered pizzas to be delivered for dinner and I passed them out (using a lifter) rather than everyone reaching into the box and other things like that.

We had:
  • pizza and garlic bread for dinner
  • prepackaged snacks (Hula Hoops, Mini Cheddars)
  • popcorn (portioned out into individual labelled containers)
  • cookies (also portioned out into individual labelled containers)
  • sports water bottles (decorated with a Pokemon sticker and labelled for each child)
  • Pokemon cake (as well as an individual cupcake with a candle for Ethan to blow out, so that he didn't blow onto the shared cake!)
  • Fruit and vegetable tray arranged as a Pokeball (red strawberries, raspberries and tomatoes on top, and "white" melon and peeled cucumber at the bottom) again this was something that I offered around and used a spoon to serve


The entertainment was easy as all the boys wanted to do was to play video games together!  I made sure that we had enough video game controllers and sanitised these before the party started and that kept the boys busy the whole time.  I had some Pokemon themed crafts and games prepared just in case, but really the boys were just so happy to be having time to play video games together that they didn't need anything else!

Party Bags

It was fun and simple to make the party bags look like a Pokeball and to find fun things to put inside.

Ethan had a fantastic time and was just so happy to be able to celebrate with friends.  I did have to take some precautions in my preparation but as the children are now so used to all of these things they were perfectly happy to wash or sanitise their hands when asked and didn't question the way that the food was separated, they were just happy to be together!  

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