Halloween 2020 - Reverse Trick or Treating


Well here we are in September and things are continuing to look like the best plan is to stay at home and only see people in our accepted bubbles (obviously this varies by where you live).  For us it means that Halloween is going to look a little bit different, but that doesn't mean that we won't be having fun!  We can still dress up, eat spooky treats, have our own little party at home and even do a bit of reverse trick or treating!

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Halloween Costumes

We will still be dressing up for Halloween this year, even if we can't go out trick or treating!  The kids might just wear something that they have already, or maybe they can make their own costumes as part of the fun leading up to Halloween!

Here's a few costumes that we are considering buying:
And a few crafty bits that would be useful for making our own costumes:
  • headbands - anything can be attached to a headband!
  • plain hoodies - again a favourite to attach things to (and nice and cosy)
  • fabric - to quickly make a cape or a tail for any costume
  • felt - can be cut and make into ears, horns, spikes or anything you need
  • double sided tape - the easiest way to temporarily attach all the pieces so that the clothes can be worn again
  • hair chalk
  • face paint

Halloween Themed Food

We always spend at least a few days leading up to it eating Halloween themed food anyway, it is a fun way to get into the spooky spirit (and use up all that pumpkin that you've picked!)

Our favourite Halloween themed foods are:
  • pumpkin pancakes - add a bit of pumpkin puree to the mix and shape like pumpkins
  • pumpkin muffins
  • pumpkin cookies
  • bananas with ghost faces (made with raisins)
  • oranges with pumpkin faces on them (drawn on with Sharpies)
  • sandwiches cut into spooky shapes - using cookies cutters
  • stuffed mini pumpkins - hollowed out and roasted then filled with rice and veggies
  • stuffed peppers with pumpkin faces - hollowed and cut out faces then roasted and stuffed
  • Halloween shaped pasta

Halloween Party at Home

Just because you can't have a big party or go out trick or treating doesn't mean that you can't have your own Halloween party at home! 

To prepare for our party at home we will:

Reverse Trick or Treating

Instead of going out trick or treating, knocking on strangers doors and taking their candy which would surely spread a lot of germs around, we will be doing our own version of reverse trick or treating this year.

The children will dress up in costumes and we will prepare little treat bags to give to their friends.  As our children are back at school and in a bubble with their whole class, we will then go for a walk around the neighbourhood dropping off our little treat bags at their school friends' houses.  (We will do this during the day when it shouldn't be very crowded, just in case there are crowds out later attempting to trick or treat).

Reverse Trick or Treating Supplies:
Of course this Halloween will be different, just as the other holidays this year have been (and will continue to be) but we can definitely still make the most of it and not miss out on the fun and the treats!

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