Cutetitos Fruititos Toys Review


We have just been sent the most adorable new series of Cutetitos to play with.  They are the Cutetitos Fruititos! If you aren't familiar with them already, they are the sweetest little collectible soft toy animals that come in a rolled up burrito, so you are surprised as you don't know which one you are going to get until you unwrap it.  

The new Cuteitos Fruititos are extra special because they come in a fruit wrap and they are fruit scented! There are four different collections within the set; fruity, berry fruity, extra fruity and super fruity (which are the super rare ones!) Altogether there are 12 different Cutetitos to collect in this series, three in each collection.  You can buy them Smyths Toys for £7.99 each.

The first one to open their Cutetito was Ivy, she just couldn't wait to see which one she would get.  She chose the pink burrito wrap (which is the only part that you can see through the package).  

She ripped open the package and straight away you could smell the fruity scent, she then pulled out her burrito, which is also wrapped in a cute fruit printed paper wrapper and she could see the cute little face of her toy straight away. She opened the burrito (which is also soft like the toy and has velcro on it so that you can easily wrap your Cutetito back up in it over and over again) and was so excited to find Sherbitito the cutest little lion with a rainbow mane!  He is from the Berry Fruity collection and his burrito looks like a slice of dragon fruit.

Next it was Ethan's turn to open his which came in a green burrito and had the most wonderful smell of watermelon come wafting out as soon as he opened it!  

He was very surprised to find that he got Flamito the dragon from the Extra Fruity collection.  It was the perfect one for him and he happily wrapped it back up in it's watermelon burrito very easily.

Now because we were very kindly sent three Cuteitos and I'm not one to start an argument between children, the third one was for me to open!  Mine was also in a green burrito with a watermelon scent, but I was surprised to find Melonito the toucan who is also from the Berry Fruity collection.  (I am sure that he will promptly be taken by one of the children when I'm not looking, don't worry.)

Each Cutetito Fruitito also comes with a little identification card which tells you it's name, birthday and which collection they are from, which is also shown on your actual Cutetito by its Fruity Spot, a sparkly little fruit symbol which you will find down by its tail.

The children both absolutely love their Cutetitos Fruititos and have been snuggling up to them ever since they got them.  They're the perfect little cuddly comfort toy to take out and about and are so much fun to collect, I don't think that these will be the last ones that we get from this series!

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