Playmobil EverDreamerz Comic City Toys Review


We are very excited to have received a package from Playmobil with a selection of the new series of EverDreamerz Comic City toys to review.  We received 2 of the surprise boxes and all 5 of the character boxes.

We opened the surprise boxes first, each of these contain five surprises, including one of the 12 possible characters from Everdreamerz Comic City as well as their accessories, a sticker card, a trading card and a pencil charm.  

Ivy was the first to open hers and discovered that she got the baddie, Lady Nightmare!  As well as her umbrella and crow sitting on top.  She will be perfect for playing out the whole story with the other characters!

Ethan opened his surprise box next and found that he got the Grafitti Skater along with his paint cans, skateboard and face mask.  

Ethan was thrilled with this cool dude and will happily play with him along with any of his other Playmobil toys.

Next we moved onto the larger sets, Ivy opened up Viona first

The whole process of opening up the larger boxes is so well thought out and full of so many surprises.

When you open up the largest box you find smaller gift boxes inside, you just slide these and unfold them to open (which makes them perfect to reuse them again and again).

Inside each box are a few different accessories, a trading card and sticker card, a character, a special pet, a bracelet with a charm and beads and a water pen.

There are sheets of stickers to stick on to the different accessories in the set.

Then you fill the water pen and use it to colour in the stickers and reveal the pictures underneath.  Then the water dries and you can do it again and again!

Ethan opened up Edwina first.

He really enjoyed the process of finding all of the different boxes inside as well.

And putting all of the pieces together was his favourite part, with all of the stickers and using the water pen too.

Then Ivy opened up Rosalee and Ethan opened up Clare and we took a video of the whole opening process.


And as there are an odd number of characters in Comic City and I'm not one to start a fight between my children, it meant that I got to open up our last character Starleen!

Of course I did have a helper, and a little someone who quickly picked up Starleen and all of her accessories for herself!  We have quite a collection now and the children can't wait to play with all of them together and make their own Comic City!

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 * This post contains gifted items.*

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