BrainBox - The World Game Review


This month we are playing BrainBox - The World as part of the Blogger Board Game Club with Asmodee.

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BrainBox - The World is a great little game that is perfect for keeping the learning going over the summer break.  It's ideal to pull out on a rainy day indoors or on a hot day to escape the heat!  If you are heading out on a road trip this summer it would also be an easy one to bring with you as it's nice and small and doesn't have too many pieces.

BrainBox - The World game comes with 71 cards, 1 sand timer and 1 die.  It can be played with 1 or more players and is suitable for ages 8 and up (as always we are playing with a 6 and an 8 year old, and just adjusting the rules slightly for our 6 year old.)

The game couldn't be simpler to play, on a players turn they take a country card from the box and study the picture for 10 seconds, until the sand timer runs out.  This is when we gave Ivy a bit more time because she is younger, so she could look at the card for 2 timers (20 seconds).

Then the card is passed to another player and the first player rolls the dice, the player then has to answer the corresponding question on the back of the card.  If the player gets the question right then they get to keep the card, if they get it incorrect they put the card back.

The player with the most cards after ten minutes is the winner! It's so easy and perfect to fill in short periods of time during the day when you're looking for something quick and easy for the children to do.  They can even play independently by turning the card over and trying to answer all of the questions by writing down their answers on paper, then trying to beat their own record of how many they get right in ten minutes.

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