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Okido Which Way Game Review


We have been playing the Okido Which Way Game which was sent to us to review.  It is a STEM game aimed at young children to teach them the basic principles of coding.

The game includes a board, magnetic tiles, the car, the spinner as well as spare batteries and a screwdriver to open up the car to replace the batteries (these I really appreciate as they're the sort of thing that slows down play and they're great to have at hand!)

As soon as we opened the box the children just couldn't wait to get started!  So instead of playing the actual game straight away, I just let them have a go at putting the tiles together to make a road for the car to drive along.  This gave them a basic idea of how it worked (and gave me a chance to read the instructions properly!)

Once they were ready to play we started with the first player spinning the mission wheel to see where their route would take them.  As you can see on the wheel there are different levels of difficulty for these missions; easy, medium and hard.  Some have only two destinations and some have three, so there are a variety of different paths to make (and of course you can choose to point the arrow at a mission that you think would suit the abilities of the child whose turn it is, rather than spinning.)

Next you use the tracks to construct a route that goes to the required destinations on the spinner.

And finally you put the car on the track and watch it drive along your path to test it out.

Some of the routes can be really tricky to make and definitely require a bit of help from an adult.  There aren't really enough road tiles, so that can make things more difficult at times, a few extra roads would be really helpful, so that there is more than one method to get to different routes.  The car is also not very sturdy, so you do have to be quite gentle with it so that it doesn't break of come off of it's track.

The game comes with a scoreboard to record which destinations each player has reached.  You take turns spinning the mission wheel and creating your routes, then the first player to reach all of the places wins.  Or of course you can just play for fun, like we did, helping each other out as we went along.

We think that the Okido Which Way Game is a really great idea, a simple way for young children to learn the basics of coding.  I do wish that it had a few more pieces and was a bit more robust, but then it also isn't too expensive at £30 so that makes it an affordable way to try out coding for your kids and see if they enjoy it.

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* This is a review post, we were sent the Okido Which Way Game to play with and write our honest opinions.*

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