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Foodie Roos Review


We have been sent a selection of Foodie Roos from John Adams to play with and review.  Our first impressions are really good, the packaging and presentation is great, like actual little pots of snacks with cute little eyes popping out.  

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We were sent 6 different Foodie Roos each of a different flavour so Ethan and Ivy were able to choose three each.  There are 20 Foodie Roos to collect in this series, 2 of each of the 9 flavours plus 2 rare ones!

We got one each of cookies, juice, pretzels, gummies, soda and fruit cup.  The other flavours that are available are chips (crisps), popcorn and cereal.

The Foodie Roos are special because they look, smell and feel like the food that they represent.  The scents are so good, the kids can't stop smelling them!  They've got the food printed all over them, and they either feel like they've got pieces of that food inside of them or in the case of the liquid ones they actually feel like liquid and sound like it when you shake them!

The collection looks great just sitting there in the little pots, so colourful and inviting, but the kids couldn't wait to get started on opening them all up.

Ivy chose a gummies one first and couldn't wait to play with her adorable little gummy toy, this one is called Bouncy Bear and smells delicious!  Inside the snack pot you will find your toy as well as a set of stickers.  

The pot itself can then be turned into his home by using the little clips and the stickers to attach the sides to the top of the pot (which is now the base) and then decorating it with the stickers.

Ethan chose to open the cookies one first!

He got Choco Pup who really does smell like chocolate and feels like he has chocolate chips inside of him.

Next Ivy opened and decorated the house for her fruit cup one, this one is called Berry Hop and feels like she has strawberries inside of her.

Ethan's second choice was pretzels, and he got the adorable Pretzquirrel!  So cute and feels like he has pretzels inside of him.

Ivy's last choice was the soda one and she got Citrustripes a very sweet bubbly orange tiger that smells delicious and this is when we discovered that the liquid ones really do feel and sound like they have liquid inside (you can hear it in the video below).

And for Ethan's final one he had the other liquid one, juice!  The one that he got was Whale-ade a very cute lemony whale that sounds and feels very juicy.

You can watch us opening up all of our Foodie Roos and putting their houses together:

The whole collection looks really lovely all set up, you can see that each Foodie Roo has it's own little home nicely decorated with stickers.  Then you can leave the homes open to play with them, or take them apart to store it all back in the pot when you're finished playing.

We had a lot of fun opening up our Foodie Roos and the kids are loving the smells that they've got in their rooms now from them.  They're fun to open, I love that the containers aren't just rubbish that gets thrown away but area actually part of the activity and the children have a whole little town of Foodie Roos and their homes to play with now!
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* This is a review post, we were sent a selection of Foodie Roos to play with and write our honest opinions.*

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