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Cortex Challenge Review


We are part of the Blogger Board Game Club with Asmodee over the summer, we have already played with and reviewed Who Did It? and Exploding Kittens, both of which we loved!  And our last game to play with and review is Cortex Challenge!

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Cortex Challenge is a game aimed at children from age 8 and older and can be from 2 to 6 players.  My children are a bit young for it (Ethan is nearly 8 and Ivy is 5 1/2) but we actually managed to play quite well and they both really enjoyed it.

It is another one that comes in a small box without too many loose pieces, making it great for travel.  In the box you will find cards with the challenged, touch cards, and brain card pieces (these are tiny, but not entirely essential for play).

You start by laying out all of the textured touch cards and having a good feel of all of them for about 30 seconds to become familiar with them all.  These then go to the side for when they are needed later in the game.

The game begins by turning over a test card from the top of the pile.  Before turning it over you are able to tell which type of card it is from the symbol on the back of the card.  There are 8 different types of challenges each with a different symbol.  There are mazes, memory games, duplicates, colours, shapes, logic and reasoning, coordination and of course touch.  

With all of the different test cards (except touch) a card it turned over and all of the players look at the card together, the first person who thinks that they know the answer then places their hand over the card.  They then say their answer, remove their hand and everyone checks if they are correct.  If they are they then keep the card (if they are not correct the other players have a chance to guess).

If a touch card comes up, then the last person who has earned a card is put to the test!  The other players choose a touch card for them to feel, without looking, and guess what is on the card.  If they guess correctly they can then earn the touch test card as well.

The maze cards were one of the children's favourites, they would eagerly bend over the cards each trying to figure out the correct route as quickly as possible.  Once a player collects 2 of the same challenge cards they can then trade this in for a brain piece.  The first player to collect four brain pieces is the winner.

We found that we had just as much fun just looking at the cards together and trying to guess the answers without earning any cards or brain pieces though, so that is an option if you are short on space.  It is such a great way to get their brains working to quickly figure out the answer, we really love it!

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* This is a review post, we were sent the Cortex Challenge game to play with and review, all opinions are our own.*

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