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Who Did It? Game Review


We are part of the Blogger Board Game Club with Asmodee over the summer, so we will be playing one new game each month!  

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For July we have been playing Who Did It? and really enjoying it!  It comes in a small box which makes it perfect for a summer game as it will be great for travel too!  There aren't too many pieces to lose either, just the box itself (which closes magnetically), 36 cards, 13 poops and the instructions.

The game is aimed at ages 6 and up (although Ivy is 5 and picked it up really quickly as well) and can be played from three to six players.  The aim of the game is to prove that your pets are not guilty of doing a poop in the living room, ha ha!  Each player gets six cards (the same six pets on their cards but different colours) and you are trying to prove their innocence. If your pet is guilty you have to take a poop piece for that round.  You keep playing rounds until one player has 3 poop pieces, and they lose the game.

The youngest player starts by placing down one of their pets and declaring their innocence by saying "My cat didn't do a poop in the middle of the living room floor, it must have been one of your..." then names another animal.  The other players then have to try to be the first to place down one of those pets.  Whoever gets their pet down first then goes next, declaring that pets innocence and blaming another.  

The two ways of having a guilty pet are either to be the last player with a pet card (so being too slow to place down your cards) or to accuse a pet that there are not any left of (therefore meaning that your last placed pet is guilty).

So the game works on your listening skills, quick reflexes, memory and deductive reasoning skills.  Plus it involves poop so the kids think it is absolutely hilarious!  This is definitely going to be a popular game in our house!

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* This is a review post, we were sent the Who Did It? game from Asmodee to play and to write our honest opinions. *

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