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Flower Pot Teacher Gifts


Just a quick one as it is nearly the end of the school year and there are so very many things left to do!  But we have made the sweetest yet simplest gifts for the multitude of teachers that the children have and thought that we would share.

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What we used to make our Flower Pot Teacher Gifts:

For the seed bombs:
For the soaps:
We do have a tendency to follow a theme of some sort of jar / mug / container filled with little bits of lovely things as teacher gifts (see these previous teacher gifts), and these are no different!  But this time we were a bit more creative and made our own seed bombs as well as our own soaps.

Making Seed Bombs

For the seed bombs we simply ripped up pieces of sugar paper (construction paper) and then soaked them in water for half an hour before draining them and whizzing them around in the food processor to make a pulp.  We then pressed some into each section of the silicone tray, then added seeds, then more paper pulp on top.

Once the seed bombs had dried (ours took a few days to fully dry) then we popped them out of the tray, put a couple in each organza bag and added a tag describing what they are and what to do with them.

Making Soaps

I always thought that it was really complicated to make soap (and from scratch it is!) but this melt and pour soap makes it so easy!  We simply melted the soap in the microwave, then added lavender essential oil and honey.  We placed a small lavender flower in each section of the silicone tray, poured the soap into each section then put a piece of bubble wrap on top of each whilst it dried to make it look a bit like honeycomb.

When the soap dried we placed each piece in a paper bag labelled 'honey lavender soap' and tied with a piece of twine.

Then that was it, we assembled our little pots with the soap, the seed bombs and the little plant tag with each teachers name on it and they were ready to be given to all of the teachers!

For more detailed instructions on how to make the seed bombs please take a look at this post on Kid & Kin and for more details on the soaps take a look at Sisoo as these are the sites that we used as a reference.

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