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The Bellies Babies Doll Review


We have received one of The Bellies Babies to play with and review.  The one that we received is called Pinky Twink, the naughty one (she jumps from star to star and breaks everything.)

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The Bellies Babies will be available to buy from August 16th, you will be able to buy Pinky Twink, Muak Muak, Yumi Yummy and Bobby Boo.  But for now you can watch their Bellies Babies videos on YouTube.

We opened up Pinky Twink and discovered that she came with a little blanket, a dummy (with a magnet to stick to her mouth), a bottle and is wearing a nappy (easy to take on and off with velcro straps).  

The first step is to pull out the plaster (battery tag) and her heart will start beating.  You can hear it beating and see a red light on her chest.  She then started babbling and saying her name straight after that.

Next we checked under her nappy to see her birthmark on her bottom, it is pink (her favourite colour!)

The next step had to be to check her nappy to see what sort of poo we would find!  There are a few different poopy stickers that you can swap around in the nappy and then you can look on the Poopypedia sheet to see what type of poo it is and how to make the baby feel better.  (There is then an Emergency Kit, set of accessories, that can be bought separately to take care of the baby).  

I have to say that I thought that The Bellies Babies would do a bit more, but to be honest it didn't matter at all to Ivy, she absolutely loves Pinky Twink and has been carrying her around the house ever since she opened her up.  Kids love anything to do with poo though don't they?

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* This is a review post, we were sent a Bellies doll to play with, all opinions are our own.*

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