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Meccano Ferrari Set Review


We have been very busy building our very first Meccano set!  It's the Mecanno Formula 1 Ferrari and Ethan is loving it already!

The set is aimed at children from age 10 and older, so as Ethan is only 7 he did definitely need some adult help.  Also because it is his first Meccano set and he's much more used to building with different types of toys he took a little bit of time to get the hang of the building techniques and how to use the tools.

The Meccano set comes with absolutely everything you will need, all of the pieces, the tools and the stickers to decorate your Ferrari.

We started out by opening up all of the bags of parts and putting them into small bowls to sort out the pieces.  The bags are not sorted into the order that you will use them, so unfortunately we did have to open all of them straight away and just try very hard not to lose any pieces when we took breaks from building.

Ethan loved the real tools that he got to use to build his Ferrari, and it is such a great way to get kids using tools and following instructions as these are definitely skills that they will need later in life!

Ethan was very proud of the progress that he made with the car, especially as he finally saw it starting to take shape.  We did have to stretch out our building over several different sessions as it requires quite a bit of focus to build, but Ethan was happy to put all of the parts to the side and work on it again another day.

After our first building session you could see the whole base of the Ferrari, and this just got Ethan excited to play with the car, he couldn't wait!

Ethan can't wait to finish off his Meccano Ferrari and get playing with it!

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* This is a review post, we were sent the Meccano set to build and play with and write our honest opinions.*

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