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Playfoam Pals


We have been sent these Playfoam Pals from Learning Resources to play with, and we are loving them already!  We are definitely big fans of any sort of surprise toy, but the sensory and STEM aspect of these had us hooked straight away!

So, the Playfoam Pals are similar to other surprise toys in that there is a cute little collectible hidden inside each packet.  But the difference is that you get to dig through the Playfoam to find your cute little animal, so it makes the whole process of discovery a bit more fun.  The kids had a blast opening up their Playfoam Pals to see who they got (of course in search of the rare golden pal!)

The packaging is great, the Playfoam is enclosed in a plastic container so that it can easily be resealed to play with again and again.  It's bright and colourful, some of the Playfoam is even sparkly!

A few facts about the Playfoam Pals, there are 12 to collect as well as an ultra rare gold pal!  Playfoam is non-toxic, so it is safe for children to play with (although I wouldn't leave them unattended, as with any sensory material you still want to keep it slightly contained).  

As a parent I love that this isn't the sort of surprise toy that they play with and then toss aside as the Playfoam can be used to build little homes for the pals and the pals themselves come apart and can be mixed and matched.  So this is an open ended toy that can lead to hours of creative fun and play.

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*This is a review post, we were sent the Playfoam Pals from Learning Resources in order to play with them, all opinions are our own.*

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