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Herodrive Review


We are so lucky to be playing with the brand new Herodrive toys from Funrise!  They are based on the DC Super Friends characters and we just can't get enough of how adorable they are!

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We have been sent the Herodrive Bat Racer, which is the largest of the cars that we are playing with.  The cars are suitable for children from age 3 and up, which is fantastic as so many superhero toys are aimed at slightly older children.  The cars are very easy to drive around and feel very durable.  The Batman Racer has a button on the top (the bat signal) which when pressed activates the headlights as well as some superhero sounds.  There is a cape at the back which flaps in the wind when the car is being pushed along, and there are also wings that come out the sides when you want your car to race along.

The cars are fantastic to play with altogether, here you can see them all lit up and in action!

We have also been sent the Herodrive Signal Squad - Superman vehicle, it is the medium sized one.  This also features a button on the top (the Superman sign) and when pressed it projects the Superman symbol from the front of the car.

Here you can see Ethan pressing the button to project the signal (it works much better in the dark and from further away, but isn't so easy to photograph!)

And we have been sent two of the Herodrive Mash Machines, the Superman Mash Machine and the Batman Mash Machines.  These are the smallest of our collection, but they are still a good size for small hands to play with.

Both of these vehicles also feature a button, this time it is on the front and when pressed the sirens light up and there are also sounds to go along with them.

Both Ethan (7) and Ivy (4) are really enjoying playing with the Herodrive vehicles.  They would make a fantastic gift for any superhero fans from age 3 and up, but are also loved by my slightly older children.  The sounds and lights are a real hit and the vehicles really bring out the children's imaginations as they make up little superhero story lines.  

We would definitely recommend the Herodrive vehicles, they can be purchased at Amazon and Hamleys and would make a fantastic Christmas gift!

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* This is a review post, we were sent a selection of Herodrive vehicles in order to play with them and write our honest opinions.*

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