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Superhero Lotto Game Review


We've been playing a new game from Orchard Toys called Superhero Lotto.  Both Ethan and Ivy are crazy about superheroes so it is the perfect theme for them!

The game is pretty simple to set up straight out of the box, each player chooses a superhero board, which is two large puzzle pieces that slot together.  Then you place all of the lotto cards face down in the middle of your playing area.

The game boards are double sided, but we started by using the more straightforward side.  The superhero is at the top and there are pictures of 6 items at the bottom that you need to collect.  You then take turns picking up a lotto card from the middle and hoping that it is a match for your board.

The first player to find all of the items that their superhero needs is the winner!

After we played the game once through this way, we then turned our boards over to explore the other side.  It is the same superhero / child on the back but with a bit of a twist.

You now get to read about them, their names, superpowers, likes and dislikes, etc.  This is great as Ethan was able to read his own and I helped Ivy to read hers.

Then you have a look at the picture and find the six items that you will be playing for.  This was a great way of doing it for us as we had already played on the other side so we were familiar with what we were looking for.  There are now no images on the bottom squares, so you need to find them in the top picture to identify which ones you need.

The game is then played in the same way, taking turns to turn over the lotto cards to try to find the ones that go with your superhero.

I love that there is this extra challenge to the game, so as well as turn taking and memory skills they are also now being challenged to read and improve their observation skills.

And on a nice day we were even able to bring the game outside to play it in the garden.  So of course after tidying up it was the perfect opportunity to pretend to fly around the yard pretending to be superheroes! For more fun, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest and sign up to receive our newsletter for regular updates!

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* This is a review post, we were sent the Superhero Lotto Game from Orchard Toys in order to play with it and write our honest opinions.*

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