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Discovering Beaker Creatures


We are very lucky to be discovering and playing with the new Beaker Creatures from Learning Resources!  They're a new surprise toy with a twist, adding some STEM learning and experiments to the mix!

We received three different packs; the 2 Pack with Bio Home, the Magnification Chamber set and the Liquid Reactor Super Lab.

We opened the smallest set first, the 2 Pack with Bio Home to see how these Beaker Creatures worked.  They come hidden in a Reactor Pod (a bit similar to a bath bomb) that you then place in water to extract.  (This set has one already out of its pod, that you can just identify and play with). 

There are five different types of Beaker Creatures, Frostonians, Buglettes, Minisaurs, Astrolytes and Oceanites and each set has six different creatures to collect (making it 35 in all, plus some limited edition gold ones to look for).  There are classification cards that come with each creature as well as information sheets about the worlds that they come from.  It gives you a lot of information and learning materials to continue the fun after the extraction, which I really like.

To extract, you start by unwrapping the plastic from around the Reactor Pod (do be careful with this step as I did accidentally break one of them whilst I was unwrapping it).

You then place the Reactor Pod in a small bowl of water and watch the reaction happen!

Ethan loved watching the pod fizz and sizzle as the creature made its way out and floated to the top in its little case.

He then opened up the little holder to reveal which creature he had, and then identify it on the card.

You can also place it in the little bio home to store it as well as get a closer look through the magnifying lens at the top.

Next we moved on to the Magnification Chamber set which also comes with two creatures to reveal.

Inside this set there is a large Magnification Chamber to observe and collect your creatures in, the 2 Reactor Pods with creatures inside as well as the identification cards and fact sheets.

Ethan really liked the bendable magnifying glass at the top and used it straight away to get a closer look at the Reactor Pod before putting it in the water.

Of course this time he couldn't resist getting his hands in there to feel the bubbles as the Reactor Pod dissolved and fizzled.

The Reactor Pods are different colours to coincide with the creatures from the different worlds inside of them, which Ethan really liked as well.

And the creatures do look really cool inside the Magnification Chamber once they have been extracted from their pods.

Finally we opened the Liquid Reactor Super Lab which Ethan had been so excited to see what was inside!

We put the lab together (it was quite simple to do and only took a couple of minutes) then we filled up the beakers with water, placed a Reactor Pod in the chamber and we were ready to go!

First you fill up the syringes (hydroplungers) with water from the beakers.

Then you lock the hydroplungers into place on the base.

Then it's time to push down on the plungers and watch as the water flows through the tubes and into the main chamber to reach the Reactor Pod and start the reaction!  It bubbles over the top of the whole thing and looks incredible, Ethan loved it!

Lastly you use your tongs to pick up your creature and then you can identify it.

I love that all of the sets come with little booklets including more experiments and activities that you can do with your set and your creatures to continue the fun after the extractions are finished.  This is going to be a lot of fun to play with over the summer!

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* This is a review post, we were sent the Beaker Creatures sets in order to review them and write our honest opinions.*

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