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Hatchimals Colleggtibles Season 3


We are big fans of Hatchimals Colleggtibles, so of course we were excited to review a selection of the new Season 3 collection!

We were very lucky to receive a selection of different packages to try.  They range from an egg carton pack of 12, a pack of 4 (plus one bonus), two different types of 2 packs (one in a cloud and one with a bonus nest) or a single pack.  

Ivy chose the Cloud Egg Carton 2-pack first, these are also special because they are from a Rhythm Rainbow range that doesn't seem to be available in the other sets!  So there are 12 Hatchmals in the Rhythm Rainbow set and Ivy is very happy with the 2 that she got.  She also loves the little egg carton that they came in and uses it to play little games with all of her Hatchimals now.

Ethan chose the other 2 pack to begin with, so that they would have an equal number of Hatchimals (he's all about being fair and equal!)

This pack comes with a bonus little nest to hold an egg in.  Again it's adorable and something that they now use to play with their Hatchimals and make up little stories.

To open the Hatchimals eggs you hold them in your hand and gently rub on the heart to press the egg open and then hatch your little animal out.  The children love this process and I think it's great that there's an extra step and an extra bit of suspense to keep the excitement of the blind bag going for a little bit longer.

Next we moved onto the 4 pack (with a bonus one) which Ethan and Ivy shared.  

This is when we started focusing on which Hatchimals would we get, and would we be lucky enough to hatch twins?  Season 3 of the Hatchimals Colleggtibles is unique because you can get a set of twins in the same egg, which the kids were very excited about!  Many of the other Hatchimals are also paired up with a best friend, these come in separate eggs though, so you are always on the lookout for your Hatchimals best buddies.

We also had one single pack to open (this evened things back up again because of the bonus one in the other pack, so no arguments here!)

The kids absolutely love opening the eggs up and catching that first glimpse of their Hatchimal.  Each time they started chanting 'twins! twins! twins!' hoping to get a set of twins in their egg!

Finally we opened the big dozen egg carton!  Ethan and Ivy were thrilled as they had their eye on it the whole time!

Again they love the carton itself, it's great for holding the eggs and perfect for playing with once they had them all open!

And we lucked out and Ethan finally found a set of twins!  They're so cute!!!

And on her next egg, Ivy found a set of twins too!

Then with his very last egg Ethan lucked out and found another set of twins!  They really are adorable.

Ethan proudly lined up his collection in the big egg carton and in his nest so that he could play with them (I can't even begin to tell you how different these two children are, Ivy's were literally all over the house 2 minutes later!) 

The part that surprised me with these Hatchimals is just how much Ethan and Ivy have been playing with them since opening them last week.  I think that because we started with quite a big collection they've really latched onto all the different characters and found it easy to do some imaginative play.  Having sets of twins and best friends has also helped with their little storylines as they play.  We can't wait to get some more!
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* This is a review post, we were sent a selection of Hatchimals Colleggtibles from Spinmaster in order to play with them and give our honest opinions.*

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