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Getting Ready for School with the Barbie Styling Head


We're going back to school next week and one thing that I'm really worried about is getting out of the house on time!  We have to be out even earlier in the morning than we did last year, and we've become very used to our lazy summer mornings.  The stumbling blocks we have in the morning are getting the kids to eat breakfast, get dressed and brushing teeth as well as getting Ivy to sit still while I do her hair!

So we were very excited to be sent the Barbie Flip & Reveal Styling Head from Flair as it seems the perfect way to keep Ivy busy doing Barbie's hair as I do her hair in the mornings. We can even do matching styles on Ivy and Barbie (or attempt to, ha ha!)

The Barbie Flip & Reveal has a few other features that I wasn't expecting, but that were a welcome surprise for Ivy!  Not only does Barbie have blonde hair, but she also has pink hair which can be shown by parting her hair in different places or 'flipped' over.  Ivy really enjoys going from blonde hair to pink hair on Barbie and using the pink hair in the styles that she does.

Barbie also comes with some make up accessories, her lipstick and nail polish change colours with different temperatures of water.  So we just fill the little jug either with warm or ice cold water then use the little makeup applicator brush to apply the water and watch the colour change.  This hasn't worked extremely well for us, we need to work on getting the right temperature of water I think.

Barbie also comes with hair accessories including 3 hair clips and a few hair elastics.  There is also a special marker that can draw in pink onto the blonde hair.  The hair clips work as stencils, then Ivy can colour inside the shape to create a pink design.  She loves this and wants to colour all of Barbie's hair in pink!

There are also accessories like a brush and foils so that you can pretend that you are colouring Barbie's hair, as well as nail accessories to stick on different coloured nails and nail stickers.

Flair also offer a Barbie Dreamtopia Styling Head if you're looking for something a bit different.

Wish us luck with getting ready for school on time this week!

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*This is a review post, we were sent the Barbie Flip & Reveal Styling Head from Flair in order the play with it and write our honest opinions.*

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