Light Up Emoji Figures


Who doesn't love emojis?  And we're so excited to see the Emoji Movie that we couldn't resist when we were offered these adorable light up Emoji Figures to review.

As soon as they arrived the kids couldn't wait to tear into the packages and play with them. I have to say that they were a bit disappointed not to have the poo emoji (but I wasn't, ha ha!) We were sent Gene (which Ethan chose for himself) and Jailbreak (which Ivy was more than happy to have).  Each figure comes with a speech bubble shaped stand which they easily slot into and can stand up on a shelf when not being played with.

The figures come with batteries inside, so they work straight away (which I appreciate) so all the kids needed to do is gently lift up their emoji's arm and they light up!  Gene's mouth lights up and on Jailbreak it is the symbol on her hat and her hair.

In bright light of course it is difficult to see, but once you bring them into a dark room you can see that it really lights up their whole heads, and the kids were so excited to discover this!

They both decided to put their emojis on their window sills by their beds, so that if they wake up at night they can turn on a little light to be able to see.

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* This is a review post, we were sent these Emoji Figures from Flair to play with them and write our honest opinions about them.*

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