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Working to Achieve a Summer Goal in 80 Days


Summer is coming, and the kids will have 6 weeks off of school for summer holidays, the perfect time to play and enjoy the outdoors and to work on lots of physical skills.  It's also a great time to set goals for the kids (and ourselves!) that we can work towards achieving at the end of the break.  We'll also be watching Mark Beaumont as he cycles Around the World in 80 Days, and using lots of these fun resources from Twinkl.

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You may have noticed that I haven't been posting as much on Play & Learn Every Day in recent months, and that's because a lot of our focus at home has changed.  The children are very busy with school and preschool, so the time that they spend at home is often outdoors and just having free play to wind down from their busy days.  My focus has also changed as I am attempting to get healthier as well and to set a good example of an active lifestyle, I now spend a lot of my free time running (instead of sitting in front of the computer) if you're interested you can have a peek at my Instagram account @runningyogamum to see how I'm doing.

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As for the kids, they are doing fantastically well on their scooters as they scoot to school almost every day.  We are also big fans of Parkrun and try to take the kids to the junior Parkrun whenever we get the chance, but for us the one thing that we don't find enough time for is bike riding.  Ethan and Ivy both have great bikes, but they rarely come out of the garage and both still have stabilisers / training wheels on them.  So wouldn't it be great if we set them a goal to be more confident riding their bikes?

For Ethan I think that would mean getting the stabilisers off by the end of the summer. Being able to balance by himself and cycle around the park without any extra support.

For Ivy it's just about staying on her bike, building up those leg muscles so that she can get herself started without needing a push and building up a bit of stamina so that she can cycle all the way around the park.

I've got my own goal to run 10km by the end of the summer, and when I talked to Ethan about all of us having goals it made him really excited that we would be doing this together. So while we watch Mark Beaumont's progress as he sets off on his cycle around the world starting in a couple of weeks, we'll be starting our own challenges too.  Wish us luck!

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* This is a collaborative post as we are working with Twinkl on their 80 Days campaign.*

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