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Sticky Moon Craft


It is hot outside and the kids are getting restless, so we need fun and easy crafts to keep them busy.  So today we made these great little moons that didn't take a lot of preparation, that could express the childrens' creativity and would also make great gifts. (We've made a tag to go with ours to give for Father's Day)

What you'll need to make a sticky moon craft:

  • plastic lid (from a yogurt pot or similar)
  • Bostik White Glu
  • black paint
  • paint brush
  • scissors
  • sequins
  • loom bands
  • ribbon to hang it up

The first step is to make a hole in the top of the lid with the scissors (I did this for both of the children as I didn't want them to cut themselves with the sharp scissors).  This is for the ribbon to go through at the end.  Next we mixed our white glue with some black paint to make a nice grey colour for the moon.

Ethan and Ivy each used a paint brush to paint the glue mixture on their lids and cover the whole surface.  

Then they were able to choose from the assortment of craft supplies to make their lids look like moons complete with craters, shiny reflections and even faces of the man in the moon!

Once they had placed all of their bits onto the sticky surface we then used the glue again to go over some of them and make sure that they stay stuck on well.

While we waited for our moons to dry we wrote messages on tags like "I love you to the moon and back' and 'you're out of this world' which we then punched a hole through and threaded then attached to our moons with ribbon.

These moons are going to look lovely hung up on the windows!

And I think that their Daddy is going to love these for Father's Day!

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* This is a review post, we were sent a box of craft supplies from Bostik in order to create a space themed craft*

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