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Exploring with our Subscope


More nice weather means more excuses for water play in the garden!  And just in time for summer, Learning Resources have sent us this fantastic GeoSafari Jr Subscope for exploring underwater.  I can not even express to you just how excited Ethan was when this Subscope arrived for him to play with.  His two favourite things are submarines and swimming, so being able to look through a toy submarine to explore underwater is just perfect for him.  

The Subscope couldn't be easier to use, you just put one end into the water and put your eyes up to the other end.  If the water is a bit dark there are even lights on the front of the Subscope so that you can see what you're looking at.  It can be used in a variety of places, but we've started out by doing a bit of exploring in the garden just to get used to it.

We set up some big buckets of water with lots of shells and rocks that we collected from our recent beach holiday.  Then set out exploring them all.  (Of course if the weather isn't as nice it would be just as easy to do this in the bathtub or sink indoors, which I am sure we will be doing when the winter comes.)

Both Ivy and Ethan really enjoyed looking through the Subscope to see what they could discover and examine under water.  I could also see this working really well as a learning activity, if we use the water tray and put number and letter blocks in the water and the children have to identify what they see.

The next step is to take our Subscope down to the river to do some real investigating, the children are definitely going to love that!

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* This is a review post, we were sent the Subscope from Learning Resources in order to try it out and write our honest opinions*

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