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Warm Snacks on Cold Winter Days


It is so cold outside!!! This winter is really lasting forever and some days it is definitely not easy to get ourselves to and from school in the cold.  But I had an idea to make our walk home from school a little bit warmer by bringing the kids some nice warm after school snacks to eat on the way home.

So a few months ago I went on a coffee course with Thermos, and they gave me a few fantastic products to keep my coffee hot in.  So of course I bring myself a nice warm coffee in my travel cup every day (especially when Ethan has football after school!), but I felt bad that the kids couldn't have something similar for themselves.  I have been known to fill up our big flask with hot chocolate for winter walks in the park, but that's not so practical for the school run.  So I decided to try making some warm snacks instead.

So when the kind people at Thermos sent us a floral set including a water bottle, food flask and lunch bag for Ivy and a football set including a water bottle, food flask and lunch bag for Ethan it seemed the perfect time to give it a try.  Now I know that food flasks are usually used for pasta or soup, but these aren't the most practical snacks to eat whilst walking (though they would be perfect for school lunches, and they'll stay warm for 5 hours in the food flask!) so I wondered what else I could put in a food flask?

So I made some croissants one afternoon with a variety of different fillings to bring to school for the kids' after school snack.  It was really simple, I used a shop bought tube of croissant pastry dough, then filled some with savoury fillings like tomato puree and cheese, and filled some with sweet fillings like apple sauce in some, and cinnamon with raisins in the others. The possibilities are endless though, depending on your childrens' taste.

making croissants

Then I packed them into Ethan and Ivy's food flasks and popped them inside their lunch bags with their bottles of water.  They were so surprised when I showed up at school with their special snacks, and I was so glad that they were still warm!  The cheese in the savoury croissants was still stringy and the apple sauce was still warm and gooey.   

croissants in thermos flasks

Now I'm getting requests for warm snacks after school every day!  I'm open to suggestions as to what else I can try putting in there!

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* This is a review post, we were sent a selection of Funtainers from Thermos for the children to use and to write our honest opinions.*

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