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Valentine's Day Post Box Invitation to Create


It's almost Valentine's Day and one of my favourite memories of Valentine's when I was a kid was making our own little post boxes to collect all of our cards in my kindergarten class. So even though giving Valentine's cards isn't really something that kids do in school here in the UK, I thought that we could have fun making our own little post boxes to play with at home.

valentines day post box

Setting up a Valentine's Day Post Box Invitation to Create:

  • empty tissue boxes
  • assorted paper and material in pink, red and purple
  • ribbon
  • pipe cleaners
  • heart stickers
  • heart shaped cut outs
  • cupcake cases
  • red, pink and purple markers
  • scissors
  • Bostik white glu
  • Bostik glu dots
valentines day post box materials

I love setting up an invitation to create for the kids, I get everything set up while they're at school or napping then have it all laid out on the table so that they can dive straight in and get creative.  There were very few instructions for this one, I just told the kids that I would like them to make a Valentine's Day post box using a tissue box and they could use whatever they liked to decorate it.

valentines day post box covering with tissue

valentines day post box spreading glue

They both chose to use the different shades of purple tissue paper to cover their tissue boxes, wrapping it all around and tucking it into the middle of the box.  Ethan used the glue dots to stick his down and for Ivy I put some of the white glue into a pot and gave her a paint brush to spread it around as she finds this easier to use than the glue bottle.

Then they each chose their favourite materials from the collection on the table and stuck them all around their post boxes.  Ivy loves stickers so I'm not surprised that she chose the sparkly heart stickers first, then some red heart ribbon to wrap all around the box (I helped her to tie it into a bow).  Then she added a lot more glue and all sorts of other little bits.  Ethan chose his materials much more carefully and happily used glue dots to securely attach them to his post box.

It was so much fun to just watch them both create in any way that they liked with the materials that they had.  I love how different their Valentine's post boxes both turned out, even though they started in such similar ways.  Now we'll have lots of fun writing each other little love cards and posting them on Valentine's Day.

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* This is a review post, we were provided with a box of craft supplies and Bostik products from Bostik in order to create a Valentine's Day craft*

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