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DIY Heart Stamps for Valentine's Day Card Making


We absolutely love making crafts for Valentine’s Day, it’s such a fun time to cover everything in hearts and give people our lovely handmade crafts to show our love for them.  This year my little boy is 5 and really getting into making things himself from start to finish, so these heart stampers are 100 % made by him, which I absolutely love!

finished cards with heart stamps

What you’ll need to make DIY Heart Stamps:

  • ·         Foam sheets
  • ·         Pencil
  • ·         Scissors
  • ·         Bottle caps or lids
  • ·         Glue
  • ·         Card
  • ·         Stamp pads


The first step was for Ethan to draw some hearts on the foam sheets in pencil.  The only instruction that I gave him was to draw some hearts that were not too big, so that they could fit onto the back of the milk bottle caps that we were using.  Ethan drew the hearts, and on some he even drew designs on the hearts which we were hoping would come out when he stamped them.

drawing hearts

Next Ethan cut out the hearts using his scissors.  Ethan’s scissor skills are getting better, but he did need a little bit of help cutting out the smaller hearts.  For younger children you could do this step for them.

cutting out hearts

Then Ethan put glue on the back of each foam heart cut out and stuck it to the back of a bottle cap.  We then had to wait for the glue to dry before we could go onto the next step (this was the hardest part as Ethan was very keen to get stamping!)

sticking heart to bottle cap

Finally we were ready to make our cards, so we folded a few pieces of pink card in half and got to stamping.  

getting ink on the stamp

Ethan pressed the heart stampers onto the stamp pads, being careful not to get too much ink on the actual bottle caps, and then stamped the hearts onto his cards.

stamping hearts

They turned out really lovely and are so personal as they were completely made by Ethan. 

DIY heart stamped cards for Valentine's Day

They would also be great for making small cards for friends at school or gift tags for presents.

A few of our other favourite Valentine’s Day activities are:
·         Love Heart Wands
·         Valentine’s Day Cloud Dough

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