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Water Play Car Wash


Water play is our absolute favourite way to spend a summer day, but some days it's fun to have a bit of a bigger purpose to our play so today we decided to wash all of our big ride on toys (so we're having fun and cleaning, what could be better?).  It sounds simple, but the kids love it so much and they learn a lot while they play.

What you'll need:
  • lots of water
  • dish soap
  • assorted sponges and cloths
  • toy ride on cars, bikes and scooters

I started by setting up the car on the tuff spot to contain the water a little bit, then filled a big bucket with soapy water and sponges.  The kids couldn't wait to get into that soapy water and get started, their enthusiasm for cleaning things is incredible!

They loved using their soapy sponges to wash their car making sure that they reached all of the different spots to get all of the dirt off.  They scrubbed and scrubbed and then we got out the hose to rinse the car off.  Ethan loved spraying the car down, and it gave us the opportunity to talk about the direction of the spraying water and how it went through the car windows and onto anything else in that direction (including me!)

Then we went on to all of our other ride on toys, the kids were so excited to find the next thing to put onto our tuff spot and start to wash off all the dirt on their bikes and trikes.  Our toys have never been so shiny and the kids were kept busy and having fun all afternoon!

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  1. You need to make cleanses at kids play area. Its necessary for kids health and for you too. Nice to read.


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