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Summer Bucket of Fun


It's summer and the kids are home and always looking for things to do, so we've found a fun way to remind them of all the fantastic things that they can play with at home.  We love going out on big adventures but of course we've also got rainy days at home as well as time between activities when the kids need to find a calm activity to do.  It's also great to encourage their independence, because they can just find the bucket of fun, choose a card and then take out the toys to play with.

I absolutely love these cards because they have the words as well as pictures to show the toy or activity, and I made them myself using Twinkl.  I've always loved Twinkl but somehow never noticed the Create option, and so if I didn't find what I was looking for then I just didn't do it.  Now that I've discovered Twinkl Create it has literally opened up a world of possibilities for me, there are so many things that I can make!  And it was super easy, just choose the style (I chose cards, but you could make labels, colouring sheets, displays, you name it) then I was able to input the text as well as choosing from thousands of different images to insert.  Then I was done and I could download them and print them out.  You do need to have a premium account with Twinkl to use create, but it's definitely worth it!

The cards that I made list all of the different toys that we have available for the kids to play with all the time and that are easy for them to access and play with independently.  Things like Lego, toy cars, dolls, trains, puzzles, etc.  Once I printed out the cards I then put them all into a little sand bucket and put it on an easily accessible shelf for the kids.

Now when I'm in the middle of preparing a meal or tidying the house and they ask me what they can do, I just tell them to go and choose a card from the bucket of fun and they'll have an idea of what to do.  It's great because they are then inspired and they're playing with some toys that they otherwise ignore because they aren't their favourites.

We are also planning on using our bucket of fun in different ways, this first version in mainly to encourage independent play but the next set of cards is more aimed at the two of them playing together.  So there are turn taking games, puppet shows and small world play in there.  I may also make some special cards for surprise days out that I put in there on their own and then ask one of the kids to pull out for a special family day of fun.

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* This is a review post, we were provided a premium subscription to Twinkl in order try out their resources and write our honest opinions about them.*

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