2 years old

Messy Play Challenge


We love messy play and we also love a challenge!  Ethan and Ivy are both keen painters and could spend ages painting beautiful artwork, but they do get covered in paint.  So when Johnson's told us about their messy play challenge, and that their new wipes that come out of the packet just one at a time, would solve all of our painty hands issues, of course we had to give it a try!

I set up the canvas' and paints for Ethan and Ivy, put on their aprons to keep their clothes clean and let them loose on creating their masterpieces.  

They absolutely love painting and are very into colour mixing at the moment, so the very pretty red, yellow and blue quickly turn into a whole host of other colours and shades.  Then of course the little fingers have to get in there too, to help spread that paint around!

Ethan finished his painting first and as I was still helping Ivy it was great that he could get a wipe out himself and start cleaning off his hands.  Because the new wipes come out one at a time I didn't have to worry about Ethan getting paint all over the packet and wasting a bunch of wipes.

Then when Ivy finished of course she wanted to get her own wipe as well, so I let her get one out and then I took another one so that we could clean her up really well (she is incredibly talented at covering herself with paint!)

And that was it, masterpieces complete and drying and hands were clean and kids could get back to playing with their toys.  These Johnson's wipes are definitely going in with our messy play supplies!

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* This is a review post, we were sent a messy play pack from Johnson's in order to try out their new wipes and write our honest opinions.*

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