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Valentines Matching Game for Babies and Toddlers


Finding a heart shaped washing up tub is the perfect excuse for some Valentine's Day games and sensory play!  (This one is from Tiger if anyone's interested.)  I brought this home full of ideas of how Ethan and Ivy could play with it, a sensory tub for Ivy or a matching game for Ethan, or maybe a combination of both so they could play together?

I started by collecting a variety of different objects (in Valentine's Day colours!) to put in our tub.  Lots of different materials, different shapes and sizes to explore for Ivy.  Then I decided to put 2 of each of the items in, so that Ethan could play a matching game at the same time.  Ivy was very happy to sit and take the items out one by one, examining each one (often by putting it in her mouth, as she is still in that phase) and happily handing Ethan whichever ones he needed.

With Ethan I started just by asking him to find things that were the same.  He easily took out pairs of objects and placed them beside the tub.  Then I started to ask him more specific questions, could you find a matching pair of red items?  Could you find 2 small pink things?  Finally I would ask him to find me specific objects, like 2 large pink blocks.

It really is nice to see the two of them playing together with the same activity, but at their own levels, so that they are both getting a lot out of it.  (Not that it ever lasts for very long, I certainly won't pretend that it didn't end with them both wanting the same thing and getting upset about it...but they'll grow out of that eventually, right?)

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