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Valentine's Day Heart Glasses Craft


We got these cute heart foam glasses from Baker Ross to decorate for Valentine's Day.  They are really sweet, simple foam glasses with heart shaped lenses and plastic frames.  I actually used them as one of the crafts at Ivy's Teddy Bear Themed First Birthday Party that we had on the weekend.  It was perfect as we had a variety of children from Ivy's age up to 3 1/2 (Ethan's age) and with their varying abilities they were able to decorate these glasses with little or no support.  

We used the love bug foam stickers as well as some other heart stickers to decorate the glasses.  Ivy needed quite a bit of help, but was able to stick the stickers on (and peel them off!) but Ethan is now able to peel the paper off himself, which is also great for his fine motor control, as well as creativity in where to place the stickers.

It was so interesting to see how differently the children decorated their glasses, where Ethan just chose a few stickers that he liked and then was done, another girl chose all stickers that we very similar and another covered every bit of space with a variety of different stickers.  They all looked fabulous and all of the children were really happy to bring them home from the party, a few even insisted on wearing them home in the car!

* This is a review post, Baker Ross sent us the glasses and stickers to have some Valentine's crafty fun and write our honest opinions. *

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