3 years old

Making Fruit Salad


This is a story of how a simple fruit salad saved the day! It was just one of those days that we were all feeling tired and poorly, I didn't really want to leave the house but the only way to get Ivy to nap was to go for a walk in the pram, so out we went.  We ended up at the grocery store, for no real reason, but I decided that we could buy some fruit and make fruit salad, and Ethan was instantly excited and on a mission to buy all the fruit!

We got home and Ethan ate his lunch without any fussing (the beauty of being motivated to make fruit salad after he finished) and then the making began.  Ethan was able to help every step of the way, bringing his step stool up to the sink to wash the fruit, then bringing it all over to the table to prepare.  He got out a cutting board and a butter knife (I'm not quite ready to trust him with a real knife!) and got started on chopping up the fruit.  Of course there were some harder fruits that I had to do for him, but he did quite a good job on his own.  And it was so much easier than baking and not having to stop Ethan from snacking on all the ingredients along the way!

He loved it and was so excited to eat his fruit salad when he was finished, and to share it with everyone he saw!  He's even talking about it a few days later, randomly telling people about it who don't even ask.  I highly recommend some fruit salad making next time you're having one of those days!

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