2 years old

Making a Finger Puppet Theatre


Today we decided to get back to our craft drawers, it's been ages since we've done something truly crafty.  We had an extra box laying around that needed to be used for something, so we decided to make a puppet theatre for Ethan's finger puppets.  A great activity for Ethan's Creative Development, turning a regular box into a puppet theatre by changing it a little bit and decorating it.

We started off by folding the flaps of the box in to make it stronger on one side, then cutting off one of the long flaps on the other side.  Then taping around the flaps to reinforce it.  I then found a balloon stick to use as a curtain rail, and some extra material to make curtains.  Credit here has to go to Ethan's Nana, as she sewed the curtains to fit the theatre perfectly.  If I were here on my own I probably would have stapled them!  Then Ethan coloured and stuck stickers on some sugar paper that we later stuck onto the sides of the puppet theatre.  Now it's finished and we're ready to start performing our puppet shows!

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