2 years old

Ethan's Very own Climbing Frame


For Christmas Ethan was given a climbing frame from his Aunt, it's the Little Tikes Double Decker Superslide.  I don't know how I haven't written about it yet (distracted I guess) but he absolutely loves it! Finally being in a house with a garden means that we're lucky enough to have the space to run around and have a big climbing frame.  It's great for Ethan's Physical Development, climbing and manoeuvring his way around. It also makes life bit easier with 2 children, as it means that Ethan can still play outside and burn off some energy on the days that things are just too hectic to leave the house.

The climbing frame arrived in a enormous box, and Ethan had to wait patiently, seeing the box everyday for a week, before we were able to put it together.  Ethan's Daddy and Grandad spent an entire day constructing the climbing frame, and it definitely wasn't as easy as it looked (their little helper may have slowed them down slightly) but it was all worthwhile to see Ethan's face light up the first time that he went on it. 

He loves climbing up the sides, going down the big and small slides, through the tunnel, playing with the steering wheel and pretending to have a shop on the lower platform.  It's just great to see him having so much fun in his own backyard.

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