1 month old

First Playdate in our New House


We've been in our new place for a couple of months now, but with unpacking, pregnancy, Ivy being born and repairs around the house we haven't had a chance for a play date yet.  Today we finally got to have friends over, and toddlers and babies got to play together.  As we haven't been able to have a play date in such a long time, I wasn't sure how Ethan would be about sharing his toys, so it is great for his Personal, Social and Emotional development as he needs to learn about sharing.

Ethan was napping when they arrived, so when he woke up his friend had already brought out quite a few toys and was happily playing.  Ethan was unsure at first, but I am pleased to say that he soon got used to it and they played together really nicely.  They even went outside to play on the climbing frame together.  The babies also played nicely together...well, they sometimes lay beside each other on the play mat, that's about as good as it gets for babies!

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