16 months old

Walking in Wellies


Watching Ethan learn to walk has been so much fun, he is now walking quite confidently in the house and other indoor places, but we haven't done much walking outside without holding hands.  It's been very cold and muddy so today we wrapped him up and put on his new wellington boots, and off we went to the park.

Ethan was not fond of the boots to begin with, he tried walking around in them around the house with some difficulty.  He could not get up from sitting whilst wearing them and walked as though they were quite heavy on his feet.  Once we got to the park he no longer seemed to have any trouble walking in his boots!  He was so excited, holding our hands at first but quickly growing in confidence and walking on his own.  We had a lovely day out and Ethan practised his walking as a part of his Physical Development.

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