16 months old

Ribbon Hoop


Today I was inspired by a new baby music class that we went to.  She had these plastic hoops with ribbons / streamers coming off of them.  Each child had one and she played some upbeat music for them to wave them around.  Ethan absolutely loved it!  I couldn't find one to buy online (I'm not quite sure what they would be called) but I did find these streamers that could be fun as well.  So, I decided to make one myself.  I used a roll of masking tape for the hoop and collected up some ribbons.

Ethan loved waving it around to the music, I think that I'll have to make another one so that we can have one each and he can copy the movements (as he seemed to be watching everyone else at the music class and that got him more excited).  It was fun to find a new activity that is great for his Creative Development as he learns to move to the music.

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