16 months old

Tidying Up


I've been thinking a bit about tidying up, and at a play group yesterday was a bit shocked when some parents left about 5 minutes before the group was due to finish without having their children help to tidy up.  I have always sort of encouraged Ethan to tidy up but thought that he was too young to really do anything, until now!

At play group for the past few weeks we've walked around together with a toy shopping trolley at the end, collecting up the play food and putting it into the trolley and then into the box.  We made sort of a game of it, and now we're doing the same at home.  It's a great activity for sorting and organising as a part of Ethan's Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy development.  I also think it's a part of his Personal, Social and Emotional Development to learn about doing his part and helping out.

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