13 months old

Meeting Santa


We really are getting into the Christmas spirit a bit earlier than usual this year.  I just can't help it, having a little one just makes it all so much more exciting!  We went to Westfield London today (a mall) and I was originally disappointed to find out that Santa's Grotto wouldn't be open until Thursday, but then it was just our luck that they were doing a dress rehearsal as we went past and they invited us in!  It was fantastic, we got to watch a 5D film (Elbow the Elf) and then meet the big man himself.  

Ethan was really well behaved and seemed very interested by it all.  He absolutely loves looking at Christmas lights and examining new people.  It was a new experience and he interacted well with the elves and with Santa, which is fantastic for a boy who can sometimes be quite shy and is an integral part of his Personal, Social and Emotional Development.  He also watched the film intently and seemed to listen to what Santa was saying to him, all a part of his Communication, Language and Literacy.

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