13 months old

Magnetic Sensory Bottle


Today we made yet another sensory bottle!  This one is a bit different because we're using something outside of the bottle as well, and that is what makes it truly special!  

What you'll need:
  • empty water bottle
  • pipe cleaners
  • magnet
  • glue
This was so easy to set up, I just cut up some pipe cleaners into small pieces and put them into the bottle.  Then I used some pva glue to secure the lid into place (this step is not necessary for older children, but I didn't want Ethan putting any small pieces into his mouth.  Then once the glue was dry we got the magnet out and we were ready to play.

This was a tricky one as it's probably a bit advanced for Ethan.  He did enjoy playing with it and watching the pipe cleaners travel up the bottle, but I wouldn't say that he really 'got it'.  It was good for his Physical Development, trying to keep the magnet up against the bottle and move it around.  And when he's a bit older it will be good for his Knowledge and Understanding of the World as he begins to learn how magnets work.

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