Monday, 4 February 2013

Valentine's Sensory Box

Today we started our Valentine's celebrations with a simple sensory box for Ethan to explore.  It's amazing how quickly you can put something together by just searching through boxes and cupboards, we had hearts from shape sorters, red tea cups, red and pink links, red spoons, red balls, a pink boat, and a bag full of red heart foam confetti!

Ethan always loves to explore a new sensory box, he pulls things out individually and dumps the whole box on the floor.  It was nice for us to have a 'non-messy' sensory box this time, so that he can go back to it any time he likes and I don't have to hover with the dustpan and brush.  This gives him great freedom to explore all of the items, use all of his senses (I even scented the hearts with rose water) and expand his Knowledge and Understanding of the World.

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