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If you're looking for a bit of Disney magic right here in the UK then you're going to have to book yourself some tickets to see Disney on Ice!  And if you want to keep that magic going at home, then you're going to love these Fit to Dance resources.  We were invited to see a Disney on Ice show a few weeks ago here in London and to try out the Fit to Dance resources from iChild and Disney so that we could tell you all about them, and I am so excited!

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First of all, we had a fantastic time at Disney on Ice and we want to thank Disney and iChild so much for the tickets.  We were lucky enough to be given seats that were very close to the action, but I have to say that when we have been previously and sat further back it was still a magical experience.

The show that we saw was Disney on Ice 100 Years of Magic, and it starts with the Mickey Mouse march!  Then the basic storyline to this one is that Donald and Goofy want to make a movie and Mickey and Minnie help them to find lots of great stories to go in it.  

We get to then see some fabulous performances from some of our favourite Disney movies.  First up is a quick look at Pinocchio, then we had a full story from Finding Dory with all of the most loved Nemo characters!

Up next is Beauty and the Beast, with a marvellous castle backdrop.  This one really took our breath away.  The dance between Belle and the Prince at the end is fantastic with some very impressive figure skating moves.

After that a selection of the Princesses and their Princes each come out as a couple to do a short dance.  I have to tell you that Ivy was on her feet at this point, she was so excited to see all of those Princesses at the same time!

Next came Frozen!  This was probably the longest portion of the show, it had the full story from the first movie and featured all of the main characters.  The way that they had the Arendelle Castle in the background, then created the ice castle with these stairs and special effects was just incredible.  There was even snow falling all around us!

After a short interval (perfect time to buy popcorn!) next came Aladdin, complete with a chorus line of Genies!  Then there was Toy Story, which quite impressively featured some of the newer characters from the most recent movie, like Forky and Bo Peep in her new outfit.

After that came Mulan, on of our favourite movies, which was also performed beautifully!  The transformation of Mulan from a young girl, to a warrior was very cool to watch.  And we got snowed on again!  Finally we had the Lion King with an absolutely incredible performance from Simba and Nala, they are very talented ice dancers.

They ended with the finale when all of the skaters came out and waved to everyone.  It was magnificent.  I've made a short video of the experience, but I have to say that it is nothing compared to being there.

Now that we're home from the show it is time to dive into the Fit to Dance resources.  There are resources for schools and for families.  We're looking at the resources for families which will help us to create our own stories and some dance moves to go along with them.

We started with the activity booklet, which includes colouring sheets, puzzles, puppet making and activity sheets to get us thinking about the characters and stories that we might find in Disney on Ice.

For the story making they have some great worksheets to get the creativity flowing.  We love the Story Ideas to get us started with our own tales.  They suggest that younger children can make up a story about just one character and older children could come up with a quest, like you would see in a full Disney on Ice show.  I also love the settings and character sheets and the masks that come in the resources pack, which are useful extras.

After the children have created their stories it's then time to get active!  There is a Dance Ideas sheet to get you started with tips on how the different characters might move.  Then a Dance Steps sheet which actually breaks down the moves that different characters might do.  This is a great warm up to get the children thinking about how their character might move and how to put a few dance moves together.

There are also some fantastic videos to watch featuring some of the ice skaters from the Disney on Ice shows, which give you lots of extra insight in how to create your story and dance steps.  And there is music that you can play straight from the website that you can dance to.  There are plenty of different pieces grouped into categories like 'big entrance', 'upbeat' and 'slow tempo' which can be used at different parts of your story.

Overall we had a fantastic experience at Disney on Ice and we were so excited to keep the fun going at home.  Ethan and Ivy came up with some very creative stories about their characters going on adventures and meeting up with their favourite Disney characters too.  They also loved dancing around and being silly making up their own dance moves.  We highly recommend it!

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* This is a collaborative post, we were provided with tickets to see Disney on Ice in order to write this post with Disney and iChild.*

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