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We have had a change of routine now that the children are back at school after a lovely and relaxing Christmas break.  We decided that for this term we wouldn't do any more after school clubs, towards the end of last term the kids were just so tired on those club days and we were walking home in the dark and it just wasn't working for us anymore.  So they still each have one lunchtime club that they love and they swim on the weekends, but we're taking a break for the after school activities.  That means that we get home earlier each day and have more time for homework and other activities.  So I thought that it might help us to have a bit of a routine each day that would give us a theme and make sure that we fit in a bit of everything each week.

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It was important to me to have a simple theme for each day that would make it easy for me to find activities, even on days that we are short on time.  I am also very flexible and try to have a back up option just in case what I have chosen doesn't suit the mood or energy levels of the children when they get home.  They've already really taken to the new routine and are suggesting activities for each day as well, which is great!

Maths Monday

We start the week with a bit of maths while they're still well rested from the weekend!  Some ideas for after school that we will be doing are:

Tech Tuesday

On Tuesdays we get to use our tech toys, so ideas for Tuesdays after school are:

  • educational apps and games on the tablets
  • taking turns on the computer (often to do homework or activities suggested by the school)
  • coding robot toys

Words Wednesday

On Wednesdays we focus on words, which can include any reading, writing or spelling activities.  Some ideas are:

Thinking Thursday

On Thursdays we are winding down from a busy week, so I chose a thinking theme which can be interpreted in a variety of creative and relaxing ways to suit the children on the day.  Some ideas are:

Fun Friday

On Fridays we celebrate the end of a very full school week!  Some ideas are:

  • playing with toys
  • crafts (craft kits if I don't have the energy to come up with a craft)
  • board games
  • movie and popcorn
  • dance party
  • baking
  • play outside / go to the playground

And that is our new weekly after school routine.  I hope that it might inspire you to do something similar if you think it might suit your family.  So far it is working really well for us!

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